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The WOW Vision Collab8 has grown into an Eco-System for leading collaboration.  Not only do people experience new things this tool can do for them.  They are surprised what it does to them.  New methods of immediacy, interaction, co-creation and consensus are achieved with the Collab8 Eco-System.  Learning Organizations – education or enterprise – are being propelled by high engagement the unique capabilities Collab8 enables.

At the core of the system, the Collab8 room system has been updated with common document co-creation available from the iPad and Droid pads in addition to MAC and PC computers.  There are new APIs for Crestron or AMX control.  The Collab8 is now available as the initial appliance ready to install or as software ready to install on the user’s choice of PC. It could be the most extensive set of utilities available.

Collab8 allows 6 wireless contributors, plus external video, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Lync, Zoom or H.323 video conferencing participants on screen (with 4K or dual screen capability). Adding Reflector as a third party app or using an Apple TV to the external input, you can mirror an iPad. 

Streaming of HD and 4K video from a laptop can be paused and annotated, as can any other programs shared. A white boarding canvass also can be manipulated by a main display touch screen or from a contributor’s computer.

Contributors can simultaneously render and edit on a common document to file share or store forward to a Collab8 Cloud drive. Participants can have the main display sent to their desktop view with additional personal annotation note taking. This feature can also be used for back of room or cross campus viewing of the screen, should the distance to screen be too great. 

A presenter can enable control of his computer to operate his presentation from the touch screen or an instructor can enable control of a student’s computer to operate for guidance.  For distant connections third party web clients are ready to use, to include a viewer of the session.

The new addition that truly defines the Eco-system is the Collab8 Nucleus Master.  The Nucleus is a hardware server for Master software functions. Again, the Master software is available by itself for installing in a server platform of user’s choice. 


  The Master allows content sharing among Collab8 locations, be they individual rooms or hubs for team workgroups within a space. This server acts virtually as a video matrix for the various Collab8 streams to other Collab8s. It will also feed a Content Delivery Network (CDN), like the Wowza server, to webcast. 

A web interface to the Colllab8 Nucleus/Master enables an administrator or super user to switch assign the routing for shared viewing of Collab8 end-points on the LAN/WAN.  The Master software also has a recording function to capture the streams from the active Collab8 sessions. This can be triggered in an ad hoc nature or as a scheduled event.

This extensive Collab8 toolkit allows any organization to deploy a step-by-step graduated orientation to collaboration.  The user experience can begin with the basic functions and as users begin to see the capabilities, they can begin to grow into a greater exchange and interaction. In effect, there is a future path and future-proofing, having features that are considerably ahead of the curve. Power users jump right in.

As the business development and support team for WOW Vision, Starin believes Collab8 is all about the experience. That is the experience of coming to understand and appreciate it; the experience of users being oriented and trained; the experience of implementation; the experience of adoption and ultimately the experience of effective use that impacts the productivity and growth of an organization. 

In a world of commoditized hardware, Collab8 gives integrator-providers the opportunity to extend guidance services to help users become collaboration capable.  That means a side-by-side lifecycle of accountability to assure the user is gaining better communication and outcomes.  Starin led programs are facilitating this dynamic opportunity.

Collab8 is sold and supported by Champion level providers who have InfoComm CTS accredited training, both at the consultative sales, advisory use-experience and technical engineering levels.  The Champion provider is ready to demonstrate and guide a user into proof of performance and ROI.  In consort with Starin, the objective is to surround the user with service.

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