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Collab8 Software
By popular demand, users can get the comprehensive collaboration feature set of WOW Vision’s Collab8 as a stand-alone Windows application for installation on a PC platform. Organizations wanting to use their own in-house brand of PC or existing machines dedicated to spaces, now have the ability to get mileage from their existing investment or work with a machine they are better acquainted with

The Collab8-SW software is an exact complement of the existing Collab8 appliance platform with the same features and functions.  Users may now use a combination of the appliance and software versions to join a Collab8 Eco-System, with the new Nucleus Master server.

Collab8 Nucleus Software
WOW Vision’s Collab8 platform adds a vital new component to turn an enterprise, multiple unit deployment into a matrixed eco-system.  The Nucleus is hardware running the Master server software, allowing content sharing among Collab8 locations, be they individual rooms or hubs within a space.   This server acts virtually as a video matrix for the various Collab8 streams to other Collab8s.